5 Common Misconceptions About Suicide and Understanding the Real Facts

May 12, 2022

Content Warning: Suicide, Self-Harm, Trauma, Psychiatric Hospitalization Suicide has always caused a great deal of upheaval and is only continuing to grow as a national public health crisis.  However, suicide also comes with a few misconceptions because of its ubiquitous nature, and those who have had personal encounters with suicide…

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Can Sexual Harassment and Abuse Happen Online? What You Need to Know

April 26, 2022

We are a ways away from the old days. But, right or wrong, technology, specifically online, has been woven into every facet of our lives. Sadly, as the improvements become more prevalent, the threat of online abuse, namely sexual harassment, grows alongside it. In case of family related issues people…

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Understanding the Differences Between Alcohol Use Disorder and Alcoholism

April 12, 2022

Alcoholism and alcohol use disorder have long been connected in the addiction and medical communities. Because they are so often linked to one another, they have become almost synonyms.  In most people’s minds, problematic drinking is the same as alcoholism. We want to do our best to dispel this notion…

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Coping with Bipolar Disorder: Tips On How To Live a Better Life

March 28, 2022

Today is World Bipolar Day –– a disorder that affects nearly 2.3 million Americans or 1% of the American population. Furthermore, an estimated 17.4 million people suffer from some depressive disorder or another. If you have bipolar disorder, we want you to know something. You’re not alone.  Our team at…

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5 Rules of Recovery and How Seneca Health Services Can Help With Staying Sober

March 15, 2022

Recovery from substance use disorder and alcoholism is a life-long journey, and the pathway to freedom looks different for everyone.  Recovery and sobriety are hard work –– but they can be maintained.  Seneca Health Services is poised to help, and we can help you regain your life. Read on to…

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Understanding Self-Harm and How to Help Someone Who Self-Harms

March 2, 2022

Self-harm or self-injury occurs when someone purposely hurts themselves in a non-lethal way. According to a recent study, about 15% of college students studied had self-injured at least once –– that number increased to 17% for adolescents.  You might be tempted to say, “this problem doesn’t affect the people I…

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When Everything is Going Wrong: Coping With a Crisis

February 16, 2022

Have you ever felt stuck in an endless cycle of disappointment? It doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life; it all just seems to be going wrong.  We want you to know that you’re not alone. From losing a job to battling substance abuse, or having a mental health…

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Teen Dating Violence: What To Look for and How To Address It With Teens

February 1, 2022

Teen dating has become the subject of much conversation and debate over the last several decades. For example, what is the most appropriate age for a teenager to date? How much time should a young person be permitted to spend with their significant other? Should all time be chaperoned? Parents and…

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Crosswinds Center: Crisis Stabilization and Detoxification Facility in Maxwelton, West Virginia

January 18, 2022

Chances are you, or someone you know has suffered from alcoholism or substance abuse. In 2019, West Virginia had the highest drug overdose-related death rate in the US, coming in at a staggering 52.8% per 100,000 residents. Hence, as a individual it is always better to consult experts from brighton…

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5 Signs Your Loved One May Have a Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

January 5, 2022

A substance use disorder (SUD) is a complex condition that can influence almost every aspect of a person’s life, but recognizing a loved one’s “off” behavior early on can be difficult. A SUD is usually a hidden problem, and refusal to acknowledge it can keep an individual in their cycle…

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