Substance use disorders do not discriminate. Seneca has services available to youth and adults. We are here to help whenever an individual decides to make a life change. Our team can help facilitate treatment 24/7 by contacting our call center at 888-SENECA 9 (888-736-3229). Individuals may receive service in one of our clinic locations, at our mobile sites, or through use of their own personal device (telehealth).

Medical Assisted Treatment – psychiatric medical providers conduct evaluation and management of medications to aid in treatment of opioid or alcohol use disorders.  Our professional staff are trained in both mental health and substance use allowing treatment for co-occurring disorders by the same provider.


Individual and group services.  Talk therapy to encourage reflection, accountability, empathy and coping skills. Therapy helps clients foster personal growth, build positive peer interactions, keep commitments and follow a routine.  Adding therapy to medication treatment, creates better outcomes.  Certified addiction professionals, TRUST (Treatment for Individuals Who Use Stimulants) trained professionals are available.

Case Management

Case managers assist individuals with serious mental illness in securing physical health care, stable housing, education or vocational training, and creating advanced directives.

Peer Recovery

Peer recovery coaches are individuals with lived experience who can offer support to individuals regardless of their chosen path to recovery.


Quick Response Team – response to non-fatal overdose in the community setting.  The QRT will review treatment options and assist in placement.  If the individual is not ready for treatment, education on safer use (harm reduction) is provided along with naloxone training to the individual and/or their family.

Crosswinds Center

Crosswinds Center medically managed withdrawal services provided in a short term residential setting.  Available to adults (male and female).  Individuals have a private bedroom and bath and access to intensive services to jump start their recovery.  Admissions are accepted 24/7.  Referrals can be made by contacting 888-736-3229.

Recovery Ridge is a substance use residential treatment facility for adult men.  The program length of stay is 28—60 days depending on the individual.  It provides oversight, intensive treatment and assistance in securing next level of care.

Recovery Ridge

While a person is affected by substance use disorder (SUD), there are few things that the outside world may not be able to provide during their initial recovery period.

  • Everyday life skills: While getting sober can help improve an individual’s life, unfortunately, getting sober does not fix all of an individual’s life problems. While in the recovery process, patients will be surrounded by other people who can help assist in teaching them real life skills which will ultimately help them lead a more successful sober life.
  • Activities: While our patients are in the process of recovery, we encourage them to become involved in sober hobbies, such as sports, arts and crafts, cooking, book clubs and more. Patients may also find interest in betting on 카지노 먹튀 as an enjoyable and engaging activity.
  • Therapy: Patients will receive either individual one-on-one therapy or group therapy sessions each week. We strongly believe in the power of therapy and what differences it can help make for our patients. Group therapy allows our patients to move beyond their struggles and other mental health issues and can create friendships with those who are going through the same difficult time.

MAT provides the following benefits:

Improve an individual’s success

Increase retention in treatment sessions

Increase an individual’s chance of receiving and maintaining employment

Decrease an individual’s substance use

Decrease the likelihood of relapse

Heal physical changes in the brain

Block the euphoric effects of substances

Relieve cravings

Stress, anxiety and emotional difficulties cast a shadow on everyday life. The combined medication and therapy approach provides the individual with the best chance of maintaining a substance-free lifestyle.


Everybody is different. We personalize our patients’ care so that they receive effective treatment, no more and no less than what is needed. If you need immediate help our call center is ready to help you 24/7 - 888-SENECA9 (888-736-3229)

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